Despite offering various currency pairs ranging from major to exotic, Forex Market also offers traders to trade in various commodities such as energy (oil, natural gas etc), Soft Commodities ( Wheat, Coffee, Sugar etc).

It is hard to believe any sector in the global market that does not get influenced due to price changes in commodities most significantly, Oil or “Black Gold”. These changing prices whether going up or down ultimately lead to create huge investment options. Trading in oil, whether it’s Crude Oil (WTI or US Oil) which is priced in US dollars or Brent Oil (XTI or UK Oil) priced in Pound Sterling, is a bit similar to trade in currencies. Exchange rates of respective currency are responsible for fluctuation in prices, then whether it’s WTI or XTI.

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Oil Trading Example

Trading in oil is quite similar to trading in currencies. Oil prices are displayed as the price of one barrel of oil is US dollars. Most trading platforms consider a pip in crude oil to be $0.01

Buying US Oil, WTI (Crude Oil)

Leverage 1:100

Opening the Position

Let’s take opening price at 65.10

You decide to buy/go long 1 standard lot (1,000 barrels) at 65.10

Closing the Position

Closing Price of the GOLD against the US Dollar (XAU/USD) is 1274.50

Market Movement: – 66.10-65.10= 100 points

1 Standard Lot 1 Point is $10

Gross Profit on Trade= USD $10*100= USD $1,000